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Who was Joan of Arc? – TriCurioso

Who was Joan of Arc? - TriCurioso

Countless are the historical personalities that have passed through here, our books are full of lines narrating the trajectory of part of them. Some are much more famous than others. Some of these personalities ended up falling by the wayside as time went by, but one thing we cannot deny, they were all very important, without a doubt.

Certainly you must have heard about Joana D’Arc at some point, but do you remember who exactly she was? Get ready, because today we will take a trip in history and get to know a little more about the life of this great French personality.

Known as the “Maiden of Orleans”, Joana D’Arc was a heroine, warrior and French military leader. Joan was born on January 6, 1412, she was the youngest of 4 brothers and was the daughter of farmers and artisans. As a child, she witnessed the murder of some members of her family at the hands of English soldiers.

At the age of 13, Joana states that she began to have visions and hear voices that she believed to be from the saints Miguel, Catarina and Margarida, according to her account, they said that she should join the French army and help her country in the war against England.

Who was Joan of Arc?

When she was 16, Joana D’Arc cut her hair, dressed in men’s clothes and crossed enemy lines for a year. She was fighting Borguinhões on a mission to reach Chinon to meet King Charles VII to ask for permission to guide the army.

According to some reports of the time, Joana D’Arc would not have fought in person, but was very close to the places where the battles took place, encouraging French warriors and advising some generals.

Who was Joan of Arc? - TriCurioso

Four thousand men were under his command, those who won the battle against the English in Orleans and four more battles following. After winning in Orleans, Joan was responsible for leading King Charles VII to the city of Reims for the official coronation.

In the year 1430, during a battle in Paris, the Burgundians wounded Joan and captured her, it was not long before she sold it to the English. She was accused of practicing witchcraft because of her visions and the voices she claims to have heard.

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Who was Joan of Arc?

In 1931 she was sentenced to death at the stake and burned alive in the city of Rouen. Thus ends the story of the young French heroine. In 1909, Pope Pius X carried out the beatification of Joan, in 1920 she was canonized by Pope Benedict XV and in 1922, she was declared the patron saint of France.

Joana D’Arc is undoubtedly one of the greatest historical personalities of all time, she was immortalized mainly in the history of France. In addition, Joana ended up gaining prominence worldwide, even with the passage of time.

Who was Joan of Arc? - TriCurioso

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