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How should I separate a cat fight?

How should I separate a cat fight?

It can be extremely distressing to see your cat fighting, either with your playmates at home or with other cats out in the open. However, what few people know is that there are correct ways to separate a catfight, in addition to avoiding the problem in the long run.

Throughout this article, we will explore why cats fight, what is the right way to prevent such a confrontation and what long-term solutions you can try to put into practice if the problem persists.

Why do cats fight?


The first step in separating a cat fight is to understand why these animals decide to fight. In the wild, cats often have strong relationships with their mothers and children, but when they are alone, they tend to be quite lonely creatures. Thus, if another cat crosses the place they consider to be their territory, there is likely to be a certain impasse. That’s why many fights start when a cat decides to protect what he considers his own, be it an area, a toy or even a human being.

In addition, there is also the issue of associating events with unpleasant sensations. For example, imagine a cat who had a painful accident in the kitchen when his foot was caught in a grate and then fell to the floor. If the first thing that cat saw when it fell was another cat, it can associate the tragic event with the other animal, making the two fight like crazy.

The most obvious signs that some cats may not be doing well may be obvious: in practice, all you have to do is listen to meows. In these situations, you can also notice if a particular cat leaves the room when the other one enters. In addition, a more submissive cat may try to hide or disappear to avoid confrontation when a more dominant cat approaches. It is worth noting that cats have different personalities and sometimes these personalities just don’t mix.

How should I stop a cat fight?


When a catfight starts, your first instinct may be to scream, throw objects or even push animals. However, this can actually make things even worse! Instead, you should take a deep breath, stay calm, and try to insert an object like a large piece of cardboard between the cats. This creates a smooth, but impenetrable barrier between the two cats.

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Another way to separate a catfight can be by trying to distract them. Although some pussies love to get involved in a fight, you can always try to divert their attention. To do this, find something that attracts the attention of these animals, such as a toy, and make noise with it. This can get their attention and interrupt the fight.

If the distraction doesn’t work, another gentle but effective way to stop a fight is by using a spray bottle to spray a small amount of water on the brawlers. This can distract or even scare them, helping to put an end to the confusion.

How to make cats like each other?

How should I separate a cat fight?

Trying to fix a bad relationship between cats takes time, space and a lot of patience. You can start by placing the cats in separate areas with food, water and a litter tray. Then, slowly reintroduce the two cats to the location. The exact timing of when to start this process varies from case to case, depending on the severity of the relationship problems.

The first step is to allow cats to share scents. To do this, feed the cats at the same time on the opposite sides of a door. This will make them associate each other’s scent with something pleasant, like cat treats. You can also take a cloth, clean one cat’s paws and tail and let the other one smell. It is also recommended to move the cats around so that they receive a full dose of each other’s scent.

However, remember that some cats may never get along. But, hopefully, you can get to the point where they will at least tolerate each other. Living in peace is the goal in this case. Although they may not like each other, they can at least live together and not cause problems.

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